New resources up: Stata boot camp materials

With moderate success (I think), we just finished running a Stata boot camp for our masters students, who are switching from using SPSS point-and-click to Stata this semester. The materials for running this boot camp are now on the Resources page.

Many thanks to Dominique Baker, Sy Doan, Adam Kho, Chris Marsicano, Olivia Murray, Chris Redding, Luis Rodriguez, and Ben Skinner for piloting and providing feedback on the materials and modules.

New files on the Resources page

New documents have been added to the Resources page.

Making R Graphs, For People Who Don’t Want To Learn R

A guide on creating graphs in R…if you don’t know R and know Stata (or another statistical programming language). R arguably has some of the best graphics capabilities for those of us who do data analysis, but if you really don’t want to have to learn another language just to make graphs, here’s something that might help.

Quick Introduction to R for Vanderbilt PhD Students

This tutorial was created with the Stata training that Vanderbilt Leadership, Policy, and Organizations PhD students receive, but the lessons could use useful for anyone learning R, coming from the Stata world.