Refereed Publications

Blissett, R. S. L., & Baker, D. J. (2018). Seeing is more than believing: Visual media, social media, and anti-racism on college campuses. PUBLIC: Arts, Design, Humanities, 4(1). [link]

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Non-Refereed Publications

Goldring, E., Grissom, J. A., Neumerski, C. M., Murphy, J., Blissett, R., & Porter, A. (2015). Making time for instructional leadership. New York, NY: The Wallace Foundation. [link]

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Papers in Revision/Submission

Grissom, J. A., Blissett, R. S. L., & Mitani, H. (in revision). Supervisor ratings as measures of principal performance: Evidence from the TEAM evaluation system in Tennessee.

Honey, N., Blissett, R. S. L., Woo, D. (in submission). Public school choice and local support for public school funding ballot measures.

Blissett, R. S. L., (in submission). Proving I’m right: Charter school policy and selective exposure to information.

Papers near Submission

Blissett, R. S. L., Baker, D. J., & Fields, B. C. (near submission). [Untitled qualitative analysis of counter-marginalization social movements following I, Too, Am Harvard.]

Blissett, R. S. L. (near submission). Charter school media: Topic models through history.

Blissett, R. S. L. (near submission). School choice and charter school policy advocacy in East Nashville.

Goldring, E., Grissom, J., Neumerski, C., Blissett, R., Murphy, J., & Porter, A. (near submission). The search for principal effectiveness: Increasing principals’ time on instructional leadership through the SAM® process.