Education – Statistics

Overview of Statistical Significance

A basic overview of the principles and interpretations of tests of statistical significance (in the frequentist tradition).

Basics of Linear Regression

A basic overview of the principles and interpretation of linear (ordinary least squares) regression, using a published research article to guide the review. [pdf version]

Education – Computational Tools

Stata Boot Camp for Data Analysis II Students

The boot camp materials were created to transition Peabody masters students from SPSS to Stata. The boot camp is organized into four modules, which was be split into different sections as needed. All data files, codes, lesson plans, activities, and PowerPoint slides are included.

Quick Introduction to R (for Stata users)

This tutorial was created with the Stata training that Vanderbilt Leadership, Policy, and Organizations PhD students receive, but the lessons could be useful for anyone learning R, coming from the Stata world. The data for the tutorial can be downloaded from here. Code for the data analysis portion of the tutorial has also been combined into an R script here.

Making R Graphs, For People Who Don’t Want To Learn R

A guide on creating graphs in R if you don’t know R and know Stata (or another statistical programming language). R arguably has some of the best graphics capabilities for those of us who do data analysis, but if you really don’t want to have to learn another language just to make graphs, here’s something that might help. Graphs here use the ggplot2 package, by Hadley Wickam.

R and Stata Side-by-Side

Benjamin Skinner and I created this document in 2013 as a supplement to other work we were doing to help people translate between work in Stata and work in R. This document contains equivalent Stata and R code side-by-side to show the similarities and differences between the two powerful programs.

SPSS Cheat Sheet

A list of common operations that we do as social scientists and how to do them using SPSS’s point-and-click interface. [pdf version]

Helpful Code

Converting CCD school universe files to combined text files

I had to convert the earlier years of CCD school universe data to combined text files for a project, and I figured that I might as well share the code. This converts the CCD SAS school universe files to Stata. First, run the code through R using this code. Then run it through Stata with this code.